ODIN Optimized electric Drivetrain by Integration This project is co-funded of the EC.     7th Framework Programme
This project is co-funded by the
7th Framework Programme of the EC.

Work Package 6

Demonstrator Vehicle

The objective of WP6 is to integrate the eDrive into the demonstrator car i.e. build up the whole demo car. Furthermore, the demo car will be tested for performance and reliability.

After a successful test of all components, the demo cars will be tested on specified drive cycles that were also used during the conception and design of the system. Measurement of mechanic, electric and acoustic quantities will be performed during these cycles. The partners will analyse the performance of their components inside the cars in terms of efficiency and compare the results with the expected operating behavior. After the performance test the drive will be tested in terms of reliability, to identify weak links in the system. Therefore, operating cycles for increased component aging are applied. The results will again be evaluated by the partners to obtain important knowledge on possible life-cycle optimizations.

Work Packacke Overview

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