ODIN Optimized electric Drivetrain by Integration This project is co-funded of the EC.     7th Framework Programme
This project is co-funded by the
7th Framework Programme of the EC.

Work Package 3

Component Development eDrive

The work package objectives are the development of a new high speed switched reluctance motor with an efficient drive inverter as well as a new control concept.

  • The electromagnetic design of the motor is finalized once the cooling concept has been chosen.
  • The motor prototype is constructed as well as the inverter.
  • The drive control is implemented on the hardware.

Switched Reluctance Motor

At first simulations are done to determine possible motor designs. Thereby, the cooling concept chosen determines the maximum current density and therefore maximum temperature within the motor. The electromagnetic simulations determine final dimension of the motors active material.
Once a motor design is chosen, this is checked for producibility and optimized production. The final step is the actual construction of the motor.

Drive Inverter

The drive inverter consist of the power electronics needed to operate and control the motor. This work package will consist in the inverter design and layout. The final step is the construction of the inverter and its testing.


 In order to produce a switched reluctance motor with reduced acoustic noise the motor needs a sophisticated control strategy. The control strategy will be simulated in system simulations and will be implemented on the inverter hardware.
Work Packacke Overview

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