ODIN Optimized electric Drivetrain by Integration This project is co-funded of the EC.     7th Framework Programme
This project is co-funded by the
7th Framework Programme of the EC.

Project Overview

The Challenge

The challenge being addressed in the ODIN-Project is to reduce the cost of electric vehicles while ensuring performance and meeting automotive quality standards.

Optimally integrated solutions are not achieved by simply assembling existing components, but by ensuring that components are designed according to integration aspects of the system requirements and by implementing and testing the complete integration early in the process.

Furthermore, the challenge of designing a high speed motor and high speed gearbox with an appropriate NVH (reduced noise, vibration, and harshness) drive control is addressed. Such a control should enable a more quite operation of the switched reluctance motor. The knowledge each consortium partner has to offer on their respective field of expertise ensures an optimal overall design along the way.

The Concept

The core concept of ODIN is the optimal integration of a high speed electric motor with a multi-speed gear train in a single gearbox/housing, including the power electronics and thermal management unit. The resulting integrated electric drive shall be as compact and lightweight as possible to fit into a sub-compact, compact urban vehicle and must clearly demonstrate a significant cost reduction potential.

High-speed electric motors have significant potential for the reduction of weight and size, but normally have less torque capability. Thus a multi-speed gear-train is needed in order to keep the acceleration performance of the vehicle as high as possible. The lower torque corresponds to lower current for the same power and thus opens new potentials for the design of power electronics and reduction of cost and space. Simulation results of conceptual gear and bearing layouts will be used to determine the respective potential losses, and to address possible issues with the design early in the design cycle.

Our Objectives

Our objective is to develop a compact, efficient, highly integrated electromechanical powertrain, production optimized which enables cost reduction goals. The project partners will focus on optimizing the integrated unit for an entry power level of a typical urban vehicle. In parallel they will assess scalability potential to meet the performance criteria of other possible vehicle sizes.

  • Development of a new housing concept taking into consideration the specific but different needs of electric motor, gearbox and power electronics.

  • Development of a new high speed electric motor that will be integrated in the gearbox housing concept.
  • Development of a new multispeed/high-speed gearbox with reduced interfaces, high-speed bearing system and enhanced lubrication.
  • Development of optimized system architecture, to provide highest system level efficiency across all drive cycles.
  • Enhanced integration of the cooling concept of the power electronics into the eDrive.
  • Integrated high-voltage connection between electric motor and inverter in order to reduce wiring, connectors and therefore costs.
  • Integration of all subcomponents taking into consideration the need for industrialization. This leads to a demonstration of robust design and adequate integration process.
  • Demonstration of the eDrive performance based on test bench and in-vehicle (field testing) results.

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