ODIN Optimized electric Drivetrain by Integration This project is co-funded of the EC.     7th Framework Programme
This project is co-funded by the
7th Framework Programme of the EC.


The Bosch Group is a leading global supplier of technology and services. In the areas of automotive and industrial technology, consumer goods, and building technology, more than 300,000 associates generated sales of 51.5 billion euros in fiscal 2011. The Bosch Group comprises Robert Bosch GmbH and its roughly 350 subsidiaries and regional companies in some 60 countries. If its sales and service partners are included, then Bosch is represented in roughly 150 countries. This worldwide development, manufacturing, and sales network is the foundation for further growth. Bosch spent some 4.2 billion euros for research and development in 2011, and applied for over 4,100 patents worldwide. With all its products and services, Bosch enhances the quality of life by providing solutions which are both innovative and beneficial.

Headquarter: Stuttgart, Germany
Homepage: www.bosch.com

CIE Automotive is a leading global multitechnology supplier. Combining the areas of automotive components, biodiesel production and Information technologies ( IT ) , and with more than 14.000 employees, reached a turnover in fiscal year 2011 of more than 1,8 billion €.
The Automotive branch is a unique group focused on car parts development and production, through 7 global development centers and 62 production plants throughout Europe, Russia, Marocco, USA, Mexico, Brazil and China. India is planned for middle 2013.

CIE Automotive is capable to give a privileged service in development and supplying components either in metal stamping, tube forming, welded assemblies, forging, machining, aluminium HPDC and plastic injection. This way, and with the aim to fullfill customer demands, the component is designed in each case, in the best technology that matches customer demands, and supplied regionally, following global platforms policies. CIE was created in 2002, as a result of the merger between Corporación Industrial Egaña, and Aforasa.

Headquarter: Bilbao, Spain
Homepage: www.cieautomotive.com

The FUCHS PETROLUB AG, founded in 1931 as a family firm in Mannheim, Germany, is a major international lubricant producer, with approx. 3.800 employees and a turnover of 1.66 billion € (2011). FUCHS provides engine and gear oils for the automotive industry; industrial oils, metal working fluids, lubricating greases and many other lubrication specialties used all over industry.
FUCHS Europe Schmierstoffe GmbH (Mannheim) is the largest producing part of FUCHS PETROLUB AG, with approx. 700 employees and a turnover of 472 million € (2011).

FUCHS is the biggest independent, "lubricant only" company in the world and rank amongst the top ten lubricant producers world wide. With 80 years of experience in this field, FUCHS is familiar with most lubricant applications, as well. Over decades, we have been aiming for specialty products rather than commodities. This has led to our position as one of the biggest suppliers to automotive OEMs in Europe, with extensive experience in the field of automotive gear oils and rolling bearing lubricants (both greases and oils). At FUCHS, tribological testing is a key to lubricant development. Therefore, we operate dedicated test facilities. Counting only Mannheim, we run a variety of 40 different tribo-testers. This starts with model systems like the 4-ball machine and ends with series component testers for different applications.

Headquarter: Mannheim, Germany
Homepage: www.fuchs-europe.com

GKN is a global engineering group with technology and high-quality products at the heart of vehicles and aircraft produced by the worlds leading manufacturers.
Every day we drive the wheels of hundreds of millions of the worlds cars, we help thousands of aircrafts fly safely, we deliver the power to move earth and harvest crops and we make essential components for industries that touch lives across the globe.

GKN Driveline has 22,000 people at 56 facilities in 22 countries and is the global leader in CVJ Systems, AWD Systems, Trans Axle Solutions and eDrive Systems, serving the worlds leading vehicle manufacturers. 

Headquarter: Worcestershire, United Kingdom
Homepage: www.gkndriveline.com

Institute for Power Electronics and Electrical Drives (ISEA)
RWTH Aachen University, established in 1870, is divided into 9 faculties. The Institute for Power Electronics and Electrical Drives (ISEA) belongs to the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology (RWTH Aachen). The Institute for Power Electronics and Electrical Drives (ISEA) is working for more than 40 years on the following research areas: Power Electronics, Electronic Devices, Electrical Drives and Electrochemical Energy Storage Systems. Since 1996 the institute is headed by Prof. Dr. ir. Dr. h. c. Rik W. De Doncker, who has additionally been appointed director of the E.ON Energy Research Center in 2006.

The Electrical Drives Research Group has vast experience in research, development, and characterization of electrical drives. An electrical drive comprises the electrical machine, the converter, as well as the corresponding control strategy. ISEA takes a leading role in the development of drives with switched reluctance machines (SRM).

Headquarter: Aachen, Germany
Homepage: www.isea.rwth-aachen.de

RENAULT SAS A group with industrial and commercial presence in 118 countries, Renault designs, develops, manufactures and sells innovative, safe and environmentally-friendly vehicles worldwide.
Its 128,000 employees contribute to a strategy of profitable growth based on three key factors: competitiveness, innovation and international expansion.
Renault’s target is to be the most profitable of European generalist automotive company. The Group is accelerating its international development with the new Logan and pursuing the Alliance with Nissan. At the end of 2007 and throughout 2008 the Renault-Nissan Alliance has announced a strategy of massive deployment of electric vehicles using Li-ion batteries. Up to now more than 40 partnership agreements have been signed worldwide with private companies and local public authorities. The Alliance aim to have the leadership in ZEV mass diffusion. In April 2011, the Alliance and Daimler AG signed a cooperation agreement on long-term strategic future generations of Smart fortwo and Twingo, sharing powertrains and collaboration in the field of electric vehicles and LCV.

GIE REGIENOV (Renault Recherche Innovation) is a French EIG, acting on behalf of RENAULT SAS and its subsidiaries, in particular RENAULT SPORTS and SOMAC. Its main mission is to implement the research, advanced engineering and innovation strategy of the whole RENAULT Group.

Headquarter: Paris, France
Homepage: www.renault.com

Romax is the worlds leading provider of advanced simulation technologies, design expertise and consulting services for gearbox and driveline systems - wherever mechanical power is transmitted through rotating shafts, gears and bearing systems, we provide customers with innovative technology and solutions to optimize their products for performance, robustness, durability, and through-life costs.

Headquarter: Nottingham, United Kingdom
Homepage: www.romaxtech.com

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