ODIN Optimized electric Drivetrain by Integration This project is co-funded of the EC.     7th Framework Programme
This project is co-funded by the
7th Framework Programme of the EC.




ODIN Final Newsletter


The ODIN Project has started its last and exciting phase. Recently, the complete innovative ODIN electric drive prototype was assembled and standalone tests have been carried out with very promising results.

The prototypes were integrated into a Renault ZOE demonstration vehicle. The ZOE is the first vehicle that was designed purely as an electric vehicle. Equipping it now with the compact ODIN driveline, gives the vehicle a new edge in terms of driveability and efficiency. Tests are now being conducted to assess and confirm the step forward the ODIN system has achieved. The final event of the project is planned for the 14th of February, 2017 at a test track in France, where EC representatives, reviewers and project partners will be able to drive the demonstration vehicles and experience first-hand the advantages the ODIN system offers. After this, the ODIN project will come to an end. However, the cooperation that has grown between the partners will continue, as well as the efforts to bring the valuable results of ODIN to the market.


The ODIN Project has taken important steps towards the realisation of the project’s objective to develop a highly integrated and cost-efficient propulsion unit for tomorrow’s urban electric cars. At the core of the activities is the development of the powertrain to be integrated in the demonstration vehicle (Renault Zoe). To ensure the competitiveness and short-term industrialisation of the ODIN innovations, the most optimal powertrain concept was selected. This powertrain concept brings many advantages for electric car customers, as well as the urban environment: high efficiency, low noise and most importantly a significant cost reduction. With this important step the ODIN innovations will be able to satisfy future market demands. Final assembly and testing of the complete powertrain are planned in the Spring of 2016, after which the integration into the demonstration vehicle can start. 


The ODIN Project has been presented at the Romax Technology European User Forum by Romax and GKN 


ISEA (RWTH Aachen) presents 2 ODIN-related papers at the IEMDC 2015 in Idaho (10-13 May 2015). One of the papers presents a mixed control algorithm for SRMs ("Direct Instantaneous Torque and Force Control: A Novel Control Approach for Switched Reluctance Machines")  and the other one shows a method to measure SRM characteristics ("Measuring SRM Characteristics Including Radial Force while Using a Standard Drives Test Bench")


ROMAX presented on ODIN at the Future Powertrain Conference in Solihull (25-26 February 2015). The title of the presentation is: "Design and optimisation of a highly integrated EV driveline". ROMAX is furthermore planning to attend the JSAE in Yokohama, Japan from 20-22 May 2015. The presentation will address the NVH work in the ODIN Project and will be held in the UK automotive forum. 


The European Green Vehicle Initiative (EGVI) has chosen ODIN as project of the month! For further details please follow the link below:



BOSCH is planning to attend the SAE Congress in Detroit, Michigan in April 21-23, 2015 and to present a project related paper called  “Direct Coil Cooling of a High Performance Switched Reluctance Machine (SRM) for EV/HEV Applications”


Happy New Year!

Here is an overview of the dissemination activities of the ODIN Project so far. Planned conference attendances will be announced timely.

Type (news, articles, press release, poster, paper, conference,…) Title Date
Papers Conference Paper (scientific level):  
  ·         ICEMS14, Hangzhou China: 22.10-25.10.2014
  o    “Methodical Considerations for Setting Up Space-Resolved Lumped-Parameter Thermal Models for Electrical Machines ”                                                                                         
  o  “Is Acoustically Oriented Control Always Inefficient for an Automotive Switched Reluctance Machine?”  
  ·         EPE14 ECCE Europe, Finland:  26.08-28.08.2014
  o  “Efficiently Modeling Rotor Eccentricity in Switched Reluctance Machines”  
  o  “The Acoustic Impact of Rotor Eccentricity in Switched Reluctance Machines”  
  ·         ISNVH14:  02.07-04.07.2014
  o  “Simulating and Reducing Noise Excited in an EV Powertrain by a Switched Reluctance Machine”  
  ·         PEMD14: 08.04 – 10.04.2014
  o  “Discussing Details of Lumped Parameter Thermal Modelling in Electrical Machine”  
  o  “Developing the concept for an automotive high-speed SRM drive with focus on acoustics”  
  o  “Making the Acoustic Case for Hysteresis Control in Switched Reluctance Machines”  
  o  “Hysteresis-based DIFC in SRM: Eliminating Switching Harmonics while Improving Inverter Efficiency”  
  o  “Analysis and Dynamic Modelling of Rotor Eccentricity for Switched Reluctance Machines”  
Conference (poster) 9. Dortmunder Autotag 16.09.2014
Conference (poster) E-Motive Expertenforum 15.05 – 16.05.2014
Conference (poster) Joint European Commission / European Green Cars Initiative PPP Workshop 2013  23.10.2013
Conference (talk) Romax Technology European Summit 15.10 – 16.10.2013
Conference (talk) 12th CTI composium in  Berlin 2013 02.12 – 05/12/2013

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